Helpful Tips for Your Trees and Shrubs

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Our information comes from reliable sources, such as the Wisconsin Nursery Association or the Tree Care Industry Association.  We hope you find some tips you can use to maintain the health of your trees and beautify your landscape.

Tree Tips
Don't Top Trees

Never cut main branches back to stubs. Many people mistakenly "top" trees because they grow into utility wires, interfere with views or sunlight, or simply grow so large that they worry the landowner.

Unfortunately, the topping process is often self-defeating. Ugly, bushy, weakly attached limbs usually grow back higher than the original branches.

Proper pruning can remove excessive growth without the problems topping creates. In addition, many arborists say that topping is the worst thing you can do for the health of a tree. It starves the tree by drastically reducing its food-making ability and makes the tree more susceptible to insects and disease.

The appearance of a properly pruned tree is like a good haircut: hardly noticeable at first glance

The Value of Mulch

Mulch helps maintain healthy trees by insulating soil, retaining moisture, holding down weeds and preventing soil compaction..

To assure the best possible tree health, mulching trees is critical. It retains moisture, improves soil content, keeps root systems cool and keeps lawn mowers & weed eaters away from the tree. Ideally trees should be mulched out to drip line of the tree or as wide as the canopy. If this is not possible try the 3-3-3 rule. 3 inches of mulch, 3 feet wide and keep mulch 3 inches away from tree for breathing room.